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• Extracted from the root of the comfrey plant

• Non-irritating ingredient that soothes and protects the skin

• Ability to help heal the skin and stimulate the growth of new tissue

Found in: REVITOX Anti Ageing Creme , Bee Venom Face Mask , Bee Venom Eye Serum , Collagen Creme , Ovine Placenta Eye Creme , Collagen Creme (No Box)

Almond Oil

• Made from cold-pressing dried almonds

• Helps to repair and protect the skin

• Rich in Vitamin A and E and Omega-3 fatty acids

• Reduces skin irritation

• Help scars look less noticeable

• Hydrates skin

• Softens the skin

Found in: Bee Venom Face Mask , Bee Venom Lip Plumper , Collagen Creme , Collagen Creme (No Box) , Lanolin Creme , Lanolin Creme (No Box) , Lanolux Lip Balm , Bee Kiwi - Manuka Honey Face Cream 100g , Bee Kiwi - Manuka Honey Night Cream

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera gel is juicy substance contained in the long, thick skinned leaves from the succulent plant Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera gel contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to promote skin healing and regeneration, especially where the skin is dry or sunburnt.  Suitable for delicate and sensitive skin.

Aloe Vera gel has antimicrobial properties that kills bacteria and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce skin inflammation. It allows the skin to heal quickly and naturally with minimal scarring. Aloe Vera is non greasy so it`s perfect for oily complexions.
Aloe Vera is proven to remove dead skin cells and speed up collagen production. This means Aloe Vera is reversing the aging process while helping to prevent further skin aging.
Aloe Vera gel can reduce the pain and swelling you experience during sunburn. It acts as a protective layer on the skin and helps replenish its moisture. The hydrated skin will recover faster from the sunburn.
Aloe Vera provides oxygen to the cells which strengthen the skin tissues and helps to keep the skin healthy.

Found in: Aloe Vera Gel 110g , Collagen Creme , Collagen Creme (No Box) , Lanolin Creme , Lanolin Creme (No Box) , Lanolux Plantage Cream , Lanolux Hand Lotion , Lanolux Moisture Cream , Ovine Placenta BiSerum Set , Ovine Placenta Collagen Essence , Ovine Placenta Creme , Ovine Placenta Gold Serum , Ovine Placenta Night Creme , Placenta Creme


• Helps the skin retain water, preventing cutaneous dryness

• Presents a cryoprotective effect due to its ability to modify the morphology of ice crystals

• Stimulates fibroblast adhesion and keratinocyte growth, regenerating tissues and enabling a faster healing of wounds

• Increased collagen type I and IV, as well as elastin, resulting in a restructured skin and a reduction in wrinkles

• Reduces the depth of wrinkles, especially on the forehead and around the eyes

Found in: REVITOX Anti Ageing Creme , REVITOX Anti Ageing Serum


• Arnica has been used for medicinal purposes since the 1500’s

• Heal Bruises more quickly

• Soothe inflammation

• Ease muscle aches

Found in: Ovine Placenta Eye Creme

Avocado Oil

• Highly nutritious, avocado oil is loaded with a good source of vitamin A, D, E, magnesium and linoleic acid.

• In addition to vitamin E, avocado oil contains potassium, lecithin, and many other nutrients that can nourish and moisturize the skin.

• The outermost layer of skin, known as the epidermis, easily absorbs these nutrients, which also help to form new skin.

• The flesh of the avocado contains nearly 50% plant oil.

Found in: Bee Venom Face Mask , Bee Venom Eye Serum , Bee Venom Lip Plumper , Bee Kiwi - Manuka Honey Night Cream

Bee Propolis

• Used by bees to sterilize and protect the hive against infection

• Propolis is a natural antiseptic with strong antioxidant and antibacterial properties

• Known to clarify skin impurities and promote tissue repair

• Strengthens and prevent skin ageing

Found in: Bee Kiwi - Bee Propolis Lip Balm , Lanolux Lip Balm , Ovine Placenta Creme , Placenta Creme

Bee Venom

Bee venom is synthesized in the venom glands of worker and queen bees and expressed through the bee’s stinger to defend their colony.

The production of potent bee venom requires good nectar, honey and pollen sources. Consequently, bees have more potent venom during the summer and bees raised without pollen have little and less effective venom in their venom sacs.

No bees were harmed in the making of this product. To extract the venom, a pane of glass is placed alongside the hive and a gentle electrical current is run through it, which harmlessly encourages the insects to sting the surface.
Bee Venom works by fooling the skin into thinking it has been gently stung, stimulating the body into producing naturally occurring chemicals collagen and elastin. This may give a slight tingling sensation upon application.

Found in: Bee Venom Eye Serum , Bee Venom Face Mask , Bee Kiwi - Bee Venom Face Mask 80g , Bee Venom Lip Plumper

Bees Wax

• A natural wax made by bees

• Forms a natural protective barrier on the skin, protecting it from environmental assaults

• Locks in essential moisture

Found in: Bee Kiwi - Bee Propolis Lip Balm , Lanolux Lip Balm


• Naturally occuring in German chamomile (Matricaria recutita)

• Bisabolol enhances the appearance of dry or damaged skin by reducing flaking and restoring suppleness

Found in: Ovine Placenta Eye Creme

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