About Us

Our business is 100% NZ owned and operated

I am John Peeters, the Founder, and CEO of Nature’s Beauty. Our company, deeply embedded in New Zealand’s heritage, operates as a fully family-owned and operated enterprise. Since our establishment in 1996, we have been dedicated to developing natural skincare solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of our local clientele.

Our journey commenced when my wife encountered difficulties in finding an appropriate moisturizer. This prompted us to create a nourishing lanolin crème, which marked the inception of our business. Beginning modestly, we operated from home, diligently filling jars and distributing products to family and friends.

Today, every member of our family actively contributes to the growth and prosperity of our enterprise. Our diverse portfolio includes renowned skincare brands such as Nature’s Beauty, Bee Kiwi, and Lanolux, which have garnered recognition both domestically and internationally.

The cornerstone of our product line is the Nature’s Beauty nourishing lanolin crème, which remains a beloved favourite even after 26 years. Complementing this flagship product is our esteemed Ovine Placenta Skincare range, alongside various other product lines that encapsulate the essence of New Zealand.

At Nature’s Beauty, our vision is centered on providing natural beauty products from New Zealand in their purest form. We meticulously source the healthiest natural ingredients, predominantly sourced from our pristine land. Every product undergoes meticulous crafting in New Zealand, followed by individual wrapping and stringent quality inspections before reaching our esteemed customers.

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Our Brands

Nature's Beauty (NZ) Ltd

Since 1996.

Bee Kiwi

Healing qualities. See website here.


New Zealand Lanolin Luxury. See website here.

Our Brand History

Sep 1996
Nature’s Beauty (NZ) Ltd Incorporated
Oct 1996
Lanolin Skincare, Thermal Mud, Royal Jelly, Aloe Vera, Placenta Products Launch
Sep 1997
Member of Buy New Zealand Made
Oct 1997
Registered Nature’s Beauty Trademark in New Zealand
Mar 1999
Whitening Crème Product Launch
May 2003
Member of Auckland Chamber of Commerce
Jun 2004
Natures Beauty International Ltd Incorporated (Export)
Oct 2004
Ovine Placenta Products Launch
Jun 2006
Revitox Anti Ageing Products Launch
Apr 2007
Registered Nature’s Beauty Trademarks in Australia
Dec 2009
Member of CTFA (Cosmetic,Toiletry & Fragrance Association)
Oct 2010
Ovine Placenta BiSerum Product Launch
Dec 2011
Member of Biogro New Zealand
Apr 2012
New Zealand Bee Venom Mask product launch
Dec 2012
Bee Kiwi Manuka Honey Range Launch
Jan 2013
New Zealand Bee Venom Eye Serum launch
Dec 2013
Lanolux Range Launch
Apr 2014
Moved to New Premises
Sept 2016
New Packaging for Bee Venom Range launch
Dec 2016
New Packaging for Bee Kiwi Range launch
Dec 2016
New and Improved Luxury Soap Launch
Jun 2017
New Packaging for Ovine Placenta Range
April 2018
New Zealand Fernmark Approval
May 2018
Ovine Placenta BiSerum Featured in Eye Magazine
May 2018
Successful Trip to the Shanghai Beauty Expo
June 2018
Officially Launched New Packaging for Lanolin Range
June 2018
Celebrating Appointment of China Agent for Bee Kiwi
June 2018
Taiwanese Actress / Musician 'Ouyang Nana' (Chinese: 歐陽娜娜) is seen using our Bee Kiwi range
Sept 2018
Celebrity 'Angela Chang' (Chinese: 张韶涵) posts a picture using our Bee Kiwi Manuka Honey Night Cream
Feb 2019
Goodie Bag Promotion with Giraffe by Simon Gault
Mar 2019
Simone Anderson posts an Instagram Story with our Bee Kiwi products
Apr 2019
BioGro Organic Certified
May 2019
Manuka Honey Face Oil Product Launch
May 2019
Lanolin + Honey Body Lotion Product Launch
May 2019
Bee Venom Mask w/ Manuka Honey (MGO500+) Product Launch
Jun 2019
Bee Kiwi Awarded Top 10 Emerging Brands by Alibaba in 2018
Nov 2019
Thai Prime Minister praises NZ Sheep Placenta Creme to NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern
Dec 2019
Launch of New Lanolux Packaging
Feb 2020
Launch of Bee Kiwi Hand Sanitiser
June 2020
Manuka Honey Clay Mask Launch
Sept 2020
Brightening Lotion Launch
Aug 2022
Bee Kiwi Range Launched on TheMarket
March 2024
Revitox Range Update
June 2024
Bee Kiwi - Manuka Honey 24H Antioxidant Cream Launched

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