New Zealanders appreciate and enjoy our native forests and bushlands, and have known for some time the nourishing and healing qualities of Manuka honey, a uniquely New Zealand product.

Nature’s Beauty offers you the natural goodness of New Zealand’s famous Manuka Honey in its Bee Kiwi Skincare products to bring a little bit of New Zealand to you.

Derived from the nectar of the Manuka tea tree, Manuka Honey is world renowned for its increased antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This makes it perfect for healing, balancing and replenishing the skin without removing natural oils.

The active manuka honey used in Bee Kiwi is 100% natural, and therefore, subject to New Zealand’s variation of climate, including location, soil, moisture and floral types. Some areas of New Zealand produce lighter honey and others produce darker honey. For these reasons the honey colour and texture can vary from region to region. The colour of honey can also change naturally due to storage conditions and age.

Please understand that the colour and consistency of each batch of honey may vary due to the natural variations, and this will impact on the appearance of the Bee Kiwi products.

All Bee Kiwi skincare products are approved by the New Zealand standard test laboratory test report.

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