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Your mud mask is really good. It has that tingling feeling, which is a good sign that it is actually working in drawing out all the impurities in my skin. It leaves my face feeling soft and cleansed after application, and is good for my acne prone skin.

- Evon (Auckland, New Zealand)

I had developed eczema on my arms after having shingles 2 1/2yrs ago. I had a bottle of Lanolux Body oil and started using it after my shower, but before drying off. I now don’t need to use the steroid Rx my doctor prescribed me. I really works & keeps my skin hydrated and smooth. Many thanks for a great product

- Debbie Moore (New Zealand) posted this to our Facebook page.

I have been using this serum for a while now and I feel it has been very good for my complexion. I like the feel of the serum and it’s so smooth to apply.

- Janet (New Zealand)

I recently purchased this eye cream on Grab one and absolutely love this product as my eyes are sensitive to many other creams but this one really works. Thank you for your time.

- Nancye (New Plymouth, New Zealand)
I called into “ZY Joy Limited” this afternoon and picked up a few pottles of the Lanolin Creme to distribute amongst my family, and of course replenish my supplies and my skin :0)  I had folk in for dinner tonight and promoted your product to them too. I have tried many products over many years, to no avail and truly was amazed with the results your product gave me.  I have inquired endlessly to beauticians as to a suitable product for my dry, sensitive, tight, (and of late, burning) skin, but every product I tried was the same – and I felt it was just ‘my lot’, nothing would work, it was my skin condition!! In a matter of a few days of using your product I noticed a change and I thought, this can’t be happening. Not after all these  years (and I am talking 20 years plus!!) I didn’t realise how good your product was until after I finished the pottle, couldn’t locate yours and thought, it can’t be that good!!! and tried yet another product which had been recommended to me, and almost immediately my skin erupted. Tonight I have put on your product and my skin very quickly lost the burning, tight, dry feeling and ‘settled down’. I have been reading your website and my only regret is that I didn’t discover you before now.  If you were in my room right now I would hug you:0)
- Colleen (Christchurch, New Zealand)

I’ve found the Bee Kiwi Moisturiser to be one of the best I’ve used so far. It absorbs really easily without feeling greasy, but it’s not so thin that I can’t take time massaging it into my skin either. I also get minor breakouts with other moisturisers sometimes, but I’ve yet to have one with this product, and it leaves my skin feeling so smooth.

- Elaine (Auckland, New Zealand)

Excellent product, great smell and leaves my skin soft and refreshed.

- Becky (New Zealand)

I love the smell of this toner, especially that it doesn’t seem to come from added fragrances. I have to apply quite a bit, but it leaves a really nice refreshing feel after use.

- Elaine (New Zealand)

I just wanted to say how much I love this product, it is kind on sensitive skin and even though its fragrance free it has a great scent. I replaced all my moisturisers and night creams with this one product and cannot get enough!

- Becky (New Zealand)

My husband suffers from sever psoriasis – a friend gave us a container of your pure lanolin to try – it really seems to help cut down on the itching and dryness – but we’re almost out and not sure where we can buy more. We see from your website that you do not offer it for sale to the general public. Could you please tell us where we may purchase some more.

- Debra (Washington, USA)

This creme is really great I had Dermatitis & tried heaps of ointments & cremes but to no avail.Then in Nov I visited N.Z. & Bought a jar of the Aloe vera creme & within 2 To 3 days it was cleared up. I would highly recommend this Creme.

- Florence (Australia)

I have allergies with some things I touch, and as a result have had dry cracked and peeling hands, with bumps and lumps all over them for most of my life (and I’m still just 23). Four days ago I came across your omega 3 cream at the takapuna markets, and have been using it day and night. After just four days, my hands are smoother and softer than I ever remember them being, and not just for the half hour after I apply the cream, but consistently throughout the day too! I am so happy with your product after trying so many other things to make my hands better. Thank you for making it so inexpensive but effective!

- Rachael (Auckland, New Zealand)

I’ve been using the Aloe Vera Moisturising Creme which i received as a gift and have been very happy with it. Thank you.

- Connie (Wellington, New Zealand)

My wife using your product and she very love it.

- Pawarate (Thailand)

I have tried the captioned of your brand and having a good result. I tried a lot of other brands but no good for me. The product was gifted from my friend last year. I appreciate if you could let me know where can I buy hand lotion and cream in Hong Kong. Thousand Thanks!

- Roy (Hong Kong)

I have what is left of a jar of Lanolin Creme that i have had for years. It is by far the best lotion that I have ever come across. I am wondering if it is still available.

- Graham - Harrison, Mi

Hi, Ive been given a pot of your placenta eye gel, and love it.

- Cilla (Christchurch, New Zealand)

During a trip New Zealand many years ago, I purchased your products in our hotel gift shop. I think they are the very best and have ordered them, retail fashion, from your company ever since.

- Nancy (Northfield, IL, USA)

I received your product as a gift and I am very satisfied with, and I would like to know how can or where I can buy it. Ovine Placenta eye cream/night cream and day cream & Revitox Anti Agning cream. Please let me know. Thanks!

- Julia - Santa Clarita, California

Good morning, can you please let me know where I can purchase a jar of the face gel in Australia as I bought some in New Zealand and find it fabulous

- Pam (Australia)

I would like to know how to go about ordering these products from you or any souvenir store deom Auckland NZ. I have been using them for sometime now and they are very good

- Teri (Australia)

Hi I am a hugh fan of your Honey Bee Royal Face Gel

- Sharlene (Auckland, New Zealand)

I find the Lanolux Hand Lotion to be excellent. I have Skin Cancer and find it helps to stop itching, keep my hands crack free and moist. The best hand creme I have used. Thank you

- Malcolm (Auckland, New Zealand)

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