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Kiwi sheep placenta makes Posh spicier

Posted: May 21, 2012

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The placenta of New Zealand sheep is being heralded as helping former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham maintain a radiant glow thanks to a bizarre facial treatment.

Kiwi sheep placenta combined with gold flakes has been reported as a Hollywood fad joining a growing list of unorthodox beauty treatments for celebrities like Beckham.

The Daily Mail says the former Posh Spice is a regular customer of Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr Harold Lancer who is quoted as only using “prime New Zealand livestock” for his sheep placenta treatment.

The facials, aimed at harnessing “the power of the sheep’s stem cells”, cost NZ$670 per visit.

Dr Lancer said he used New Zealand sheep that were “completely untouched by the modern world”.

“The stem cells we harvest are amniotic cells, which means no harm is caused to the animals,” he said.

“The stem cells are preserved because they are full of rich nutrients that fight free-radical damage to the skin and make it more radiant.”

Beckham is also said to be a devotee of a “nightingale poop” facial made from the excrement of a rare bird found only on the Japanese island of Kyushu, the Daily Mail reported.

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