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Posted: August 22, 2017

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Nature’s Beauty的绵羊油产品越来越火爆了!已经在当下网红博主中形成了时常流行。

Lanolux绵羊油系列的护手霜可是Instagram火爆美容时尚博主Audrey佩欣的日常必备品。纯正新西兰出品,自然清新的芳香,自然有机的绵羊油保湿滋养成分,都是让Audrey佩欣选择Nature’s Beauty绵羊油护手霜的理由。这款明星护手霜也是新西兰本地火爆畅销的产品。饱含丰富的新西兰国宝级麦努卡蜂蜜成分和绵羊油脂深受国内国外红人的喜爱!

Nature’s Beauty’s products are becoming more and more popular. It has already been a hot trend among the popular bloggers.

Lanolux hand lotion is one of the necessities for the KOL Audrey. She is a popular Instagram fashion blogger. There are three main reasons for her to choose Nature’s Beauty’s hand lotion: pure made in New Zealand, natural aroma, and deep moisturizing cream for healing dry and damaged skin. This hand cream is also well-known to all local kiwis in New Zealand. Furthermore, it is enriched with the famous Manuka Honey and lanolin and is welcomed to all popular bloggers.


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